Is single family housing the next logical step for rental living property investment?

The growth of the single family housing market is indicative of the UK going from strength to strength with BTR (build-to-rent) offerings.

While many think of BTR as city-based flats and purpose-built apartments for young professionals, the market for BTR properties is quickly expanding and proving to be of great intergenerational appeal, particularly to young families that have limited mortgage options in the current property market.

So, what is single family housing and why is it rapidly rising in popularity in the UK rental property market, especially when it comes to building investment portfolios?

What is single family housing?

Technically speaking, a single family home is one that is purpose-built for the rental market to serve young families.

On the larger end of the scale when it comes to typical build-to-rent properties, single family homes are offering space and functionality for families, something that is becoming increasingly popular in the UK in the midst of a tough buyers’ market as a result of steep increases to house prices.

The post-covid climate is also thought to have inspired families to leave bigger cities in search of more space and a healthier work-life balance.

This is placing single family housing as an extremely attractive investment amongst private rental investors and developers with many achieving reliable, healthy returns.


Why is single family housing becoming so popular?

There are many reasons that single family housing is becoming such a popular BTR option in the current UK private rental sector. These include -

  • Providing affordable options for those ruling out buying in the current property market
  • Long-term housing opportunities for families looking to settle in one place for longer
  • Increased space in suburban areas to improve work-life balance in the post-covid environment


Why should you invest?

As well as expanding your current property portfolio, single family housing is proving to be an increasingly popular option amongst young professionals and it is anticipated that this rental option will become the “new normal” with great intergenerational appeal. Other reasons to invest include:

  • Rising demand for family-style homes
  • Well-performing assets for property investors
  • Shorter void periods in comparison to other rental properties – families are more likely to stay in one place for longer.
  • Increasingly attractive to developers looking to expand their portfolio


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