Conference Agenda

The conference agenda is below.

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8.30am Pre Conference Networking Session
  • Delegates can arrive from 8:30am when an informal breakfast is provided, and a chance to network with other attendees, before the conference starts at 9:30am
9.30am Welcome & Housekeeping from our Chair
Morning Session Detailed Analysis Session – Where next for the Operational Rental Living Sectors?
  • Understanding the Operational Rented Residential Markets - where do these fit in with Residential, Commercial and other property asset classes?
  • How are Student Housing, Co Living, Build to Rent, Single Family Housing, & Retirement living now performing?
  • What level of maturity have these sectors reached and what is the potential for growth?
  • Where are the next phase of opportunities and where is the real growth coming from?
  • Where does the UK sit in relation to mainland Europe and where are the next frontiers for investors?
Morning Session Focus Session - Futureproofing the Rented Residential Living Sector
  • How can we deliver low carbon homes, with low energy consumption, lower operational costs and deliver a sound long term investment?
  • Solving the repurposing v redeveloping conundrum
  • What do we need to deliver in Rental Living to provide the right product for the future?
Morning Session Focus Session - Investment & Debt
  • Where is the capital coming from and is it redeploying for other commercial asset classes to Resi Living?
  • Why is ESG and socially conscious investment now a priority?
  • Where is the capital coming from and will it all be able to find somewhere to deploy?
  • Where are Investors looking and which sectors are the priority?
  • Where are we with Institutional Investment, Private Equity & Senior Debt?
11.00am Coffee & Networking Opportunities
Morning Session Cross Sector Discussion Panel – Investment in Rental Living Models
  • Understanding what is driving Investor interest in Student Housing, Retirement Living, Affordable Housing and the Private Rented Sector
  • How is investment into urban rental living & build to rent now evolving?
  • Do we see Single Family Housing as a big opportunity for investment?
  • Is ESG & social impact now leading investment decisions and how do we strike a balance with returns?
  • Which sectors are investors most interested in and how do we see this evolving in
  • Are investors now more interested in these Resi Living Sectors than the traditional property investment markets?
  • Where do investors see comparisons between these sectors and what is the future of the ‘rented living’ portfolio?
  • Where are the big opportunity areas geographically?
  • Is the goal a Europe-wide, mixed asset portfolio?
Morning Session Detailed Analysis Session – The Continued Success of the Student Housing Sector and it's evolution into Co Living Opportunities
  • How are the UK & European student housing markets maturing and evolving?
  • Where is the future growth and where are operators and investors looking for the next wave of opportunities?
  • What are the new emerging opportunities, both in terms of student product, location and merging into urban rental living and co living?
Morning Session Focus Discussion Panel - Student Housing Markets
  • Discussion panel around the key themes in Student Housing
  • Where are the next phase of opportunities and what challenges does the sector face in terms of delivery, repurposing and future investment
1.15pm Networking Lunch Session
Afternoon Session Focus Session – The Role of the Short Stay Market in Rental Residential
  • How can the short stay market fill voids and provide flexibility and investment security
Afternoon Session Focus Session – The Evolution of Rental Design & Futureproofing
  • How has the design of Operational Resi Living products evolved and how can we futureproof design & delivery?
  • Where is modern Build to Rent Design?
  • How are the design needs for a single-family scheme different and what are the challenges with this emerging sector?
  • How can we positively repurpose existing buildings and how can we deliver new schemes that can be repurposed according to sector need, providing a solid long term investment?
Afternoon Session Focus Session – The Evolution of the Rented Housing Journey after Graduation
  • The Fundamental Change to the Housing Journey and the Growth of the Rented Residential Sector
  • From Co Living, to Build to Rent, to Single Family Housing and Suburban Rental – how has the market and the customer evolved and what are they now looking for?
  • Understanding the new generation where renting is part of life – how is this a mixture of need versus desire?
Afternoon Session Cross Sector Discussion Panel – Mixed Tenure Rental Delivery as Part of Regeneration
  • Which Sector would you choose as part of a large regeneration project?
  • How do you plan for mixed tenure rented residential in regeneration?
Afternoon Session Cross Sector Discussion Panel - Delivery & Operation of Co Living Build to Rent & Single Family Housing
  • What are the current delivery challenges?
  • How is the operational side of the investment evolving?
Afternoon Session Detailed Analysis Session - Retirement Living Choices
  • What is the potential of the Retirement for Rent market?
  • How do older people decide whether to buy or rent?
  • How can we expand this sector and why is it growing?
4.10pm Closing remarks from the Chair
4.15pm Conference Close
4.20pm The Operational Resi Living Networking Drinks Reception begins
  • All delegates and speakers are invited to join us for informal networking